1 Mart 2019 Cuma

To Belong, To Obey Differences

The feeling of obeying and the feeling of belonging are very similar feelings. Do not confuse these two senses.If you fall into this confusion, there is a mental emptiness and unhappiness waiting for you at the end of the road!

The desire to belong is to look for someone to protect you. This person can be a master, dear and close friend sometimes. This feeling usually finds you in a weak moment of abandonment, in which you feel the need for protection. You want a person to be your owner and take you out of your surroundings. And in return, you will listen to make him happy. The part that that confusing obey and belonging is this part of listening.

The sense of obedience is met by serving someone. Sometimes sexual, sometimes service, sometimes physically, you open your soul to that person. You belong to him, like a pet, you are in need of him and as a result of this service you feel " completed"

To obey includes belonging. But belonging is a prerequisite for obedience!

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