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What Brat and S.A.M Means?

Brat means naughty boy/girl as a word. In BDSM, it is used to draw attention, submissive who likes to disobey to get punished. Brat is happy to annoy his/her master by not following the rules or acting as desired. He/she is in constant struggle with his/her master and authority, but if he can break his master's authority, he loses his respect!

The best word I've ever heard of Brat is:

“Brat enters the debate not to win, but to lose (to get punished)”

Not every master enjoys the relationship with brat spirited sub. The reason is that Brat sees the person as a danger to his authority. Some masters seek only and unconditional obedience.

My personal comment is that the game is good. As long as everyone knows the role, the exaggeration doesn't turn into ambitions, brat adds enormous taste to the submissive relationship!

Of course, just as a sadist does this sincerely, being a brat can not be imitated.

S.A.M (smart ass masocist) is the person who has the same character as brat, who can go to far extremes than brat, and never endures and never stops for pain.

Brat and switch (also people with dom and sub characters) are the most confused concept. Some people position themselves as the key to this struggle and the feeling of not surrendering completely, but when you talk to them a bit and ask the right questions, you realize that they are actually a notorious brat. Any master with sufficient experience can thoroughly analyze and reveal this situation.

If this article didn't help you understand the difference between brat (SAM) and the switch, ask from comments or tellonym anonymously, I can explain in detail.

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